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Proof that pudding is powerful, computers control our genitals, and the moon landing is a lie. We share harsh words with our friends. Listen live Noon EST

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This “Power Couple” will be giving you one hour of Empowerment, Entertainment and information.
The WOW factor about the X+Y2=?! Radio Show is…with this “husband & wife” team you’ll hear how they’re able to balance parenting, working together, play and romance on a daily basis. The conversations between these two will be candid and REAL, no topic is off limits from business to personal, parenting to politics, life, finances, sex and everything in between. This show is also about communicating, listening, learning and loving – it’s a show where they speak “Truth with no Fear”. The show’s goals are to be empowering, informative and entertaining. Your ears and mind will definitely be stimulated and motivated at the same time!

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The Green Chimp Show

Our uncensored talk show discusses everything from parenting to politics, race to relationships, love, life, sports, sex and all things in between. We try to give people what they want with our genuine opinions and expressions. The show's goal is to be informative as well as entertaining while remaining authentic and relevant to its listeners. The Green Chimp Show is where Real Talk Meets Radio.
Mon-Thu 5-7pm EST

X+Y²=?! (What)